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Realm of
Ronald Eayre 

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Lonely Tavern

     You enter the old tavern and realize it seems more updated than the outside. There is not a single patron or even a barkeep inside. Although the lights work, they seem to be dim. Do you continue looking around the tavern or head back outside? While you look around the seemingly frozen in time tavern, you see almost no dust and every light is working. Who is taking care of this place? As you wander around, you notice a wooden sign on the counter of the bar. You walk over to it and it reads;

To anyone who dared to enter this tavern, this may help.

Looking for adventure? Here are two tales to entertain.

Looking for a new experience, the field is to the west.

Looking for the truth, the deep forest is to the east.

-The Barkeeper                                                 

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