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Grand Library

The Library Entrance

     You climb the tall ladder and enter the old library. You notice it looks much grander than the outside. You see, no one inside. Who takes care of this place? The rows of bookshelves seem to go on forever. Do you continue deeper into the library or head back outside?

Nonfiction Section

Author Biography

     Ronald Eayre was born in Toms River, New Jersey. He has worked as a cook for a few years and then in retail for nearly five years. During that time his excitement for writing never changed. He had poems published in four compilation books and was awarded a few poetry pins and certificates.
     His first solo book was a small poetry book called, Changing of Emotions and Seasons, which came out January 17, 2014. Though he would always have a passion for poetry, he had branched out into fiction. The next book that came out was his first work of fiction. It was a short horror story called, Phantom Estate, which came out February 28, 2015.
     He took classes at Gotham Writers to expand his fiction education. His second solo Poetry book was called, Stone-Hearted and Soulless, which came out November 26, 2015. He has written a few factual list articles for Listverse. At the moment he is working for Textbroker, writing various articles and projects for clients. Any updates can be found on Facebook or Twitter.

Poetry Section                                    Fiction Section

Changing of Emotions and Seasons


Final Curtain

Think of the world as your stage,

Every event a script’s page.

Every play must end,

For no man this will bend.

It is time for the final scene,

Take what you say as what you mean.

The final curtain falls,

It hits you like a wall.

Your story is finally done,

You hate to see it go.

The stage is dark, you had fun,

That's the end of the show.

Stone-Hearted and Soulless

Crumbling Abyss

As they stop and stare into the vast sky,

The one feeling that all humans tie.

The immense blue cover acts like a shield,

The humans go back to the offices and fields.

Each in their own existence called reality,

Each more important than the next normality.

So as they say the world moves forward,

A meteor sets a path to earth straightforward.

As usual the people go on with life,

The rock cuts the cover like a knife.

Looking at the flaming rock that now exists,

The impact creates a crumbling abyss.

Life on the planet has surely come to an end,

New life will begin and the planet will mend.

The cycle, curse or blessing will always restart,

The tiny, blue planet will get a fresh start.

Phantom Estate


          After a little bit of walking and looking around you decide to check and see if they any more adventurous rides. As you and your friend are walking you notice a cool looking roller coaster. It has a loop and everything. You turn to your friend and say, “so you want to try that ride?”

          Your friend replies, “Definitely. I need to use the bathroom first though.”

          You laugh at him and say, “There was a port-a-potty a few minutes back that way.” You point the direction you came from.

          Your friend runs off yelling, “Be right back!”

          You chuckle to yourself and head for the closest bench. Before you can sit down you hear a raspy voice behind you. “Looking for adventure, are you?”

          You jump and turn around. “What? How did-” You stammer out.

          The old man in tattered clothes, a patched up jacket and an old straw hat starts again. “You see this old house behind me, sonny? It has more adventure in it than an ordinary person sees in their lifetime. Let me guess, you tried the lame “haunted” cart ride and are wanting something more exciting.”

          You respond, “Well, actually yeah. How did you know that?”

          The old man replies, “No one likes that old thing. Now this is the only haunted ride you’ll ever have to try, sonny.”

History Section

The shelves of this section are strangely empty. You notice a small wooden sign sitting on one of the shelves. It reads;

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please check back at a later date.

These books have not been returned on time.

-The Librarian                                                             

Who would fill the shelves?

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