Welcome to the
Realm of
Ronald Eayre 

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Ancient Village

Village Square

     After entering into the village, you see homes and businesses hidden in the tops of trees. You don't see any people in this village, but after getting your bearings, you start to see the beauty of the village. You find it amazing that all the businesses and homes alike are accessed by ladders at the base of the trunks. You stop to look at the magnificent fountain that seems to be the center of the village. While staring at the ancient looking statue on top you notice a wooden sign that looks just as old. It reads;

To anyone who dared to enter this village, this may help.

To give up, the gate is to the northwest.

Looking for Knowledge, the library is to the northeast.

Looking to shop, the general store is to the southeast.

Looking for information, the tavern is to the south.

Need something done, the Mayor's home is to the southwest.

-The Mayor                                                                                 

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